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Dear Mental Health “Professionals” Diagnosing Trump from A Distance:


Dear Mental Health “Professionals” diagnosing Trump from a distance, Thank you for providing supporting evidence that giving someone a mental diagnosis is a completely unscientific and subjective endeavor. You’ve done nothing but shovel dirt from the ground for your grave.  I sincerely hope psychiatric patients, their families, mental health advocates and anyone who has every […]

All You Need is Love? I don’t think So.


I enjoyed the movie Silver Lining Playbook. It humanized mental illness in a way that Hollywood often doesn’t do.  Hollywood loves mental illness but many movies don’t bother to capture the nuances. Most moviemakers cherry-pick dramatic, provocative manifestations of mental turmoil, all of which help fuel the stigma that “mentally-ill” individuals are dangerous, scary, weird […]

The ZEN approach to Assholes


      Assholes.  We all know one and we all have to deal with them. Sometimes they make us ridiculously angry and make us want to respond in unproductive, unkind ways that are less than zen.  And sometimes we choose to respond, even though responding does absolutely nothing for us in the long-run. Most […]

Does This Shit Really Happen?


  My Instagram video linked below is for anyone who gets bummed out over relationships or who feels insecure if you’re not in a relationship. ( I met one of those recently….it wasn’t pretty. She didn’t know how to take a joke, but it wasn’t that the joke wasn’t funny. It was that she was […]

A ZENBand for a Hat


I love meeting new people, and I love when cool, good things happen after meeting new people. Sometimes bad things happen too, and I guess they’re okay too, as long as you live to learn from them. 😉 In the Fall of 2015, I went to West Point ( my alma mater) for a football […]

Health and Healthcare in an Evolutionary Perspective : by Dr. Doug Watt


  We are dangerously close in the United States to spending 20% of our GNP on healthcare – this year it will top $3.2 trillion or ~$10,000 per person.  Yet we lag behind virtually all other Western democracies in nearly every health biomarker, including longevity, where we rank an astonishing 34th, despite being the wealthiest […]

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