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Just One Question: For the World’s Krav Maga Expert, Moshe Katz, on a Woman’s Ability vs. a Man’s.


Hi guys! Today I have the distinct pleasure of posting just one question with just one answer from my friend and Krav Maga expert,  Moshe Katz. Moshe is the founder and CEO of Israeli Krav International.   He has practiced martial arts for 30 years and is certified by Wingate, Israel’s national martial arts certification board. […]

DoomsDay Prep Tip: High Heels May Cause You to Lose Your Head…and Other Things.

  Most of my female friends wear high heels and look stellar in them. They also can walk in them for several blocks, and every time I see that, it’s like witnessing a miracle since I would fly off a curb and break something. Their legs look elongated, more toned and more attractive in high […]

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