New Findings on the Health Benefits of Chocolate


By Freelance Writer Cindy Trillo: Gone are the days when we considered chocolate a ‘guilty pleasure’. Over the past decade, scientists have finally jumped on the bandwagon, ‘proving’ something we already instinctively knew: chocolate is good for you! (Of course in moderation)  In this post we highlight just a few of the most interesting finding […]

Interview with Dr. Joseph Burgo on Narcissism, Sociopaths &, yes, Romance.


Hi gang, Dr. Eeks here.   I was really happy to interview expert Dr. Joseph Burgo on narcissism, sociopathy, dating and more. Here is a copy of his bio from his website: “Joseph Burgo, Ph.D. has practiced psychotherapy for more than 30 years, holding licenses as a marriage and family therapist and clinical psychologist. He […]

Virtual Reality Can Enhance Exposure Therapy for Anxiety- Especially in Teens

VRUser_6 (1)

This is a Guest Post. Recently, Trevor McDonald wrote a post on teen depression and anxiety. He explored theories about why the teenage brain is more vulnerable to such conditions. While we have a lot of informational tidbits on mental ailments, it’s difficult to put them all together and paint a clear picture. Because of […]

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