About Erin Stair ( Dr. Eeks) ,MD, MPH


A curious soul passionate about promoting natural health & wellness, with an inner fire for empowering individuals to take charge of their health, make positive lifestyle changes and live happier lives.  She has a fondness for blogging about her health and wellness adventures while having a natural love for irreverent, blue-collar comedy. Since she thinks laughing is a huge part of healing, she’ll often post funny stories and tidbits about her life, or anyone’s life she feels like writing about. Hopefully you’ll laugh. If you don’t, she’ll do her best to make better jokes in the future. 😉

In the Press! 

Her life in a nutshell:

She grew up in a small town in Pennsylvania called Trucksville, where there are more cows than people. Her favorite hobby was running and hiding in the cornstalks– and snatching a few when it was time to decorate the house for Halloween. She was her high school valedictorian. (No, she wasn’t the only non-cow in her high school.) She was recruited to play soccer at West Point, the U.S. Military Academy, was nominated by both Senator Santorum and Congressman Kanjorski & somehow went, majored in chemistry and environmental engineering, got through and graduated with a dual degree in chemistry and environmental engineering. She credits a good sense of humor, great friends and ditching her birth control glasses ( Army-issued glasses) for contacts to qualify on the rifle range. ( Her glasses fogged up something fierce otherwise.) In short, Erin started as a nonconformist and graduated as a nonconformist, so even the US Army and years of hazing failed at changing her.

After learning how to kill people, she felt a karmic imbalance. To correct that, she enrolled in Drexel University College of Medicine and AUA to learn how to save people. Realizing that people needed to do more for themselves before they ended up with chronic health issues in the hospital, she received the Global Health Leadership scholarship from NYU and went on to earn a Masters of Public Health from New York University’s School of Public Health. While in school, she founded Blooming Wellness to help promote evidence-based lifestyle modification techniques, effective natural solutions, and behavioral changes that help prevent disease and promote health, happiness and wellbeing. She emphasizes easy, natural ways to reduce stress, anxiety and improve mood and has a strong interest in sound therapy ( Hence ZENTones and ZENBands.) Erin also heads the clinical research team for CCBT Limited, a UK-based company that specializes in computerized cognitive behavioral therapy. Erin’s two older sisters are doctors, and her dad is a veterinarian. Mom’s a general. 😉

She’s a certified NIA instructor & Laughter Yoga leader. ( And 89% of people have no idea what those things are, but they are tremendously fun and healthy activities.) She practices Krav Maga, runs, plays soccer, swims, bikes, and plays the violin when her neighbors don’t yell at her. She’s left-handed, pigeon-toed and sometimes thinks backwards. Her biggest charities usually involve animals, and lately it’s elephants.


About Barnaby: Barnaby is her Golden Doodle pup who has become the official mascot of the Blooming Wellness Blog. He’s also NYC’s sidewalk therapy dog, especially for the Gramercy Park area, because he is ridiculously friendly, knows no boundaries and runs around cheering people up. NO ONE can make a human smile like a dog. He is often seen with Eeks romping around NYC, charming the ladies…charming the men…and eating everything in sight. I mean everything. Sometimes he pukes right after he eats it and sometimes he waits for when he gets home.

He is ridiculously cute and knows it.  He also dances, but whenever I try to capture it on video, he suddenly stops or I don’t get to my phone on time. One day…. 😉


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